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Civil Litigation Lawyer in Windsor, ON

Dominic studied law internationally. He studied U.K. law, U.S law and Canadian law. This has allowed him to have a global perspective on legal issues. This is advantageous to his clients given the growing instances of global issues. Dominic also received his Masters degree in law.

Legal Services include

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Our Commitment To Customer Service

Have you ever tried to contact your lawyer and he or she doesn't get back to you in several days if at all?

At D. CERVINI LAW, you will notice very quickly that we are different. We will do our very best to return your call or message within 24 hours or on an immediate basis if your message is urgent.

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Guidance To Help You During This Difficult Time

Your matter is important to us. We understand that our clients are real humans experiencing real human emotions during their legal struggles.

Helping you during this difficult time is our top priority. We will do our best to make the legal process as easy for you as possible.

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